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Parts Services | Bombardier (ADTranz/ABB)


Bombardier Transportation’s Services division has around 8,000 employees globally, and a footprint varying by geography, based on different market characteristics. In 2020, Services had 422 projects across 34 countries, maintaining over 18,000 vehicles. In addition, our Services function has leveraged an effective value proposition, continuously delivering sales growth and high profitability, with 197 new contracts signed in 2020.

Effective 29 January 2021, Alstom completed the acquisition of Bombardier Transportation.

If you need to replace a BT part you can count on us!

  • 3EHL409357R0001 STAR COUPLER, MVB Electronical Board UF C037 A01

  • 3EHL402789R0001 BUS COUPLER UF C038 A01

  • 3EHL409352R0001

  • 3EHL409407R0001 - Plug XV C220 A01 And many more.

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