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Frequently Asked Questions


Below you will find answers to our most commonly asked questions. If you cannot find the answer to your question below, please send us an email, we'll be happy to help you. 

 01  We need to import for the first time. What are the steps involved in this process?


To import a product you'll need to verify if your country request an import licence. Many countries do not request special licence to import components, on the other hand a specific licence is required to import lubricants in many countries.


Each country has its own regulations, therefore it's important to pay close attention to avoid future problems. We are not responsible for products held or confiscated by customs authorities.




 02  I need to buy a product, what information should I provide in order to receive a quote?

Send us an email with complete information of the product you want and the quantity. In order to locate the product, the simplest way is to send us the manufacturer part number (PN). If you don't have the PN we'll need the following documents: data sheet or technical data from the manufacturer. These documents include specific information about the product. In case the part you need has been made obsolete and stock cannot be found, we'll quote whenever possible a substitute or a similar one from the same manufacturer along with the data sheet or technical data.

In general, we send a quote within 48hrs. Quotes are Incoterms Ex Works (EXW) Miami, that is, shipping is not included in the price, however we can easily provide a quote for shipping when requested.


Upon approval of the offer and payment, we will ship the parts to you (or it'll be picked up at our warehouse). We are not responsible for any mistake made in the purchase order, i.e., wrong part number or quantity, etc. 



 03   What's the minimum order quantity (MOQ) per purchase order (PO)? 

We have no minimum. However, if the total is low, an additional fee will be charged to cover bank fees. We can sell one unit weighing less than 1 kilo or even containers. It only depends on your necessity.




 04  Invoices and payments 

Quotes are in US Dollar or Euro. Payments (wire transfer) must reflect one of these currencies.




 05  I have my own freight forwarder, can I buy from you?

Absolutely. We would need to know your agent's contact information ,in order to handle the right cargo.

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