BLUESIL RTV 147 A & B and RTV 148 A & 147 B are two component...

RTV147 A/B Silicone Elastomer 1.1Kg Kit

BLUESIL RTV 147 A & B and RTV 148 A & 147 B are two component, polyaddition reaction, room

temperature curing silicone elastomers. Curing can be accelerated by heating. It is possible to mix BLUESIL RTV 147 A and 148 A to give an elastomer of intermediary hardness.

These mixtures are combined with BLUESIL 147 B in the proportions given in the technical datasheet. After mixing the two components (parts A and B), BLUESIL RTV 147 and 148 form a flowing paste

which transforms into an elastic material once cured. The reaction does not give off any heat.

  • Producing thermal protection.

  • Producing flexible, moulded insulators.

  • Producing moulded joints.

  • Encapsulation protection of electrotechnical systems

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