THOMAS & BETTS Suporte para cabo TC142

Thomas & Betts Cable tie saddle support mounting base in natural color is made of Nylon 6.6 offer enhanced durability. It provides a saddle for the wire run. It measures 0.922 Inch x 0.563 Inch. It can operate at temperature from -40 to 185 deg F. For Cable Ties Up to 120 lbs. Cable tie is RU listed and RoHS compliant.

Send us an inquiry for other parts such as: AT34M32CS90BLY ; AT34M32SABLY ; AT28M25SABLY ; LNB/M32 ; LNB/M25 ; PRCS34/BL; AL54/M63/A/BL ; LNB/M63 ; AT54/M50/SFAJ/BLY ; AT54M63SFAJBLYRL ; TY075-18X

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